Solar Projects

People always presume about different ways to save the planet earth but a few come forward to initiate and implement this noble act. For the betterment of the environment and providing much needed renewable energy needed in the agriculture sector, Clarusys has put forward their latest technology for solarized greenhouses  by engineering Single Axis tracker based PV solar panels systems on the greenhouse rooftops.

The hurricane resistant greenhouses designed, fabricated and installed by Clarusys is a visionary and patent pending technology, together with their solarization with the help of our partner TSOGreenhouses to drive agricultural sustainability and power independence in all areas including hurricane and typhoon prone areas of the globe. This is implemented for increasing fresh produce yields and thereby eliminating dependence on costly and low quality imported produce. 

Clarusys has partnered with experts in the field of greenhouse cultivation based on hydroponics, as well as on traditional soil based farming under greenhouses, providing their expertise and imparting knowledge/training to local growers, as well as access to  partners ready to finance such projects. With our in-house IT capability, we have developed AI based automated control systems technology for controlling, environmental conditions, water/fertilizer intake optimization and exposure of plants to specific light frequencies and its duration within the greenhouses, to attain the highest possible yield with minimum human intervention. 

  • We are currently leaders in providing an integrated technology that provides in-house renewable energy as well as AI based automation within the greenhouses.
  • Solar energy generated from the system installed on the greenhouse rooftop is utilized for irrigation, environment control, automated control systems, provision of specified lighting as also providing sufficient power for running an on-site food processing and packaging center.

Green House Projects



  • Advanced greenhouse design with PV solar panels on single axis trackers installed on greenhouse roof tops.
  • Tracker mounted panels allow optimum sunlight management through the greenhouse rooftops and ensure higher energy generation as also high per acre yield.
  • Produce yield estimated upwards of an average of 450,000 lbs per acre per annum.
  • PV Solar system designed to generate 650 KW DC energy per covered acre.
  • By providing battery storage systems (optional), we make the greenhouses completely independent of the local power grid.
  • Any surplus energy generated from the rooftops can be offloaded to the local power Grid.
  • While the greenhouses get all their energy needs at a discounted fixed cost for 25 years, PV Solar energy off loaded to the local power grid generates additional income stream.


  • Our standard model consists of a greenhouse complex on a single parcel of 1-15 Acres of arable land or a non-arable land (in case of hydroponics).
  • Customer will need additional land measuring 0.5-2.5 Acres to be used for developing a food processing center and administrative complex.
  • Total energy generated will be approximately 650 KW DC per covered acre, of which approximately 50% will be used for internal Greenhouse operations and charging of battery storage system and the remaining to be used for food processing center or be offloaded to the local power grid.
  • Designed controlled environment in the greenhouses for highest possible annual crop yield.
  • We have access to project finance, and can identify established/local growers, who will manage and grow produce for the local market in the greenhouses using state of the art technology under expert supervision.
  • 15 acres of land under greenhouses will be able to yield approximately 6,750,000 lbs of fresh produce annually.



  • Innovative diagnostic system for soil and plant health.
  • Crop based environment control programs.
  • Equipped with greenhouse grow lights in sync with automatic crop program for fast growth & better growth.
  • Mobile App to access real time greenhouse monitoring, alerts and remote access control.
  • Data Analysis Tool for selection of ideal crops and creating ideal climate.

AI Based Green House