About Us

About Us

Clarusys (ROC CR – 11, 266981-D) is a Consultation, Design, Engineering, fabrication, Integration and installation Company for Solarized Greenhouses, Commercial Carport based PV Solar systems, Commercial and Residential roof top PV Solar Systems. We undertake above services individually or as turnkey projects; however, our turnkey projects include all of the above services. Once the client places an order, provides the site and Govt permits etc., we start the projects and hand over an operational system ready to be interconnected to the grid. Should the client desire, we shall also undertake liaison with the Govt and electric Company for permission/interconnection. The fees for these services will be extra. The components that we shall be using are given in succeeding paragraphs. 


PV Modules, from the world’s renowned tier 1 manufacturers, in suitable arrays, based on the design parameters we shall be laying out, after the site visit. PV Solar Panels shall carry a manufacturer's warranty ranging 25 Years.

MOUNTING SYSTEMS – We install either fixed array, or tracker based mounting systems, based on our design and suitability after discussing with the customer. 

The fixed array system
In this system, modules are mounted on rails at a specific tilt angle facing due South and are rigidly fixed on roof tops and carports, therefore cannot track the sun. Although, the power generation in this manner gets degraded to some extent, the overall cost of the system is low, therefore, allowing additional number of Modules to be used compensating the loss of power, but increasing system reliability by removing the moving mechanisms.


Tracker System
In this system panels are mounted on sun trackers that enable the modules to move on one/two axes, thereby keeping them facing the sun all the time and generating maximum power. The trackers are expensive and require regular maintenance, but increase the power output. Our greenhouses are designed to mount single axis tracker mounting system that allows maximum sunlight to the crops and higher power generation

Clarusys has the required expertise to design, engineer and install any of the above systems. However, Clarusys shall advise the client on an optimum system configuration and design, after site visit and consideration of all other factors.